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mount keen inspired bespoke glass design

The Process of a Commission.

I am pleased to undertake commissions for bespoke one-off pieces or for multiple pieces.

Should you be interested in a hand-crafted glass or silver piece, please fill out the form above to give me some insight into what you’d like, before we sit down (metaphorically) and have a chat about your requirements.


At this point I can show you some of the visual research based on what you have said which often helps clarify ideas.  If you have seen one of my current designs and are interested in a customisation or elaboration, that can also be discussed.

I will then undertake research into these contemporary commissions to expand your ideas into something more tangible. I will present my designs in the form of sketches or preliminary models depending on what is suitable, which once approved will then continue into the final piece. I think it is important to keep you involved in the whole process so that there is no perceived detachment and makes sure that everyone is pleased with the final outcome. 



Bespoke commissions for jewellery can take between 8-10 weeks to complete from placement of deposit, while customisation of my designs can take 4-6 weeks as the adaptations would be specific to you.

For silversmithing and glass commissions this can be anywhere up to 6 months depending on complexity of design and what other commissions are currently underway. 


These are intended to be the maximum times scales, however unforeseen circumstances could potentially mean it may take a little longer, but I will of course aim to make your pieces as soon as possible.


For any bespoke work Brodie B Designs requires a 50% deposit as confirmation of your order before we can begin making the piece. This is non-refundable and the order cannot be cancelled. 

All work made remains the property of Brodie B Designs until full payment has been made. Payment is to be made via bank transfer.



Once the order form has been received, I will endeavour to reply with an order within three days. Purchases will only be sent once the full invoice has been paid.


Once the invoice has been paid, customers will receive an email with proof of postage.


CAD commissions.

Computer Aided Design (CAD) is the use of software to design graphics, machine pathways and three-dimensional objects, in order to create refined and precise work.

At Brodie B Designs, I offer CAD solutions to help bring your designs to life, through two-dimensional and three-dimensional models, helpful for visualising large spaces or how intricate elements piece together.



With CAD designs if you as the client have the measurements, the detail, all the information about how and what the piece is to look like, it is considered  your design and I will send the file to you.


If you are wanting a CAD design that is created through the above commissioning process i.e. you give me a general idea of where you want to go with a piece and I then expand on that idea then it is a 'Brodie B Designs' design and I will send the file to which ever medium it is to be created in, but will keep the original file.