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Brodie at the top of Am Bodach  exploring the ring of Steall near Ben Nevis

British glass work, hand crafted silverware & jewellery.


Just like being in the wilds of Scotland.

contour brooch inspired by scotland

Collection: CONTOURS.

My love of hillwalking inspired this collection, and maps that are essential in order to explore, with contours moving and flowing across the page.


These designs started as a series of charcoal drawings I had done while out walking, that were all about layering, depth and lines that rose and fell like contours.

This was very much process led - I played with cutting lines and pushing them in different ways to create different ripples, seeing how the light shone through the ‘contour lines’. Instead of letting the process determine the shapes, I married the constraints of a known shape and the madness of cut lines. 


A map isn’t dead matter - these pieces have soul, born from a source special to me. The perfect traditional gift for a 25th wedding anniversary, or wear as a little reminder of your sense of adventure.


Scottish highlands; loch nagar
Kilberry westcoast of scotland sound of jura

Collection: KILBERRY.

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This collection of hand-crafted silver jewellery and objects is inspired by the intricate rocks and shoreline textures found on the west coast of Scotland. The beaches near the Kilberry Village on the Sound of Jura are home to pitted shapes, fissures and colours where the rain, tide and waves have eroded

the rock.

Still lifes and detailed observations turned into repeat pattern sketches.

The shapes are taken from the rockpools and the textures from the movement in the water and textures on the rocks. First tested in copper, the final products were made in silver. 

bespoke silver jewellery scottish silversmith maker

The pieces were formed using various silversmithing and jewellery techniques and detailed using the technique of chasing, followed by the setting of stones within each piece. 

The colours of the stones reflect the colours of the rock and sea in this particular part of Scotland.

Scottish highlands Mount Keen Invermark Valley
Contemporary Scottish Glass work

Exclusive: MOUNT KEEN.


Glass and stainless steel are brought together to recreate the tumultuous flow of the Invermark valley river at Mount Keen. It runs down through a gorge, along the base of the munroe, forming shapes and colours found in the area in high summer, from the colours of the heather, bracken and lichen to the deep colours of the peat river and the rock. 


The glass rests on the steel platform contrasting the bright colours with the grey steel, just as the bright colours of the valley and the earth contrast with the grey rock. Light illuminates glass to create marvellous depth and layers.

The solid state of this material is uncompromising, yet this is at odds with the subtlety, movement, energy and colour of my designs. That is why I am drawn to working with glass. 

In nature, when you head up a mountain and it’s freezing the wind is making the rain feel like wee needles on your skin, it seems untenable that anything can survive in those conditions. But then when you get to the top or it stops being terrible

weather and you can see everything, all the colours, fauna and flora and life and energy that is in the area. That’s what I see in glass.


You could look at the colours in the glass for days and still keep finding new things, which is again what I find

when I am outdoors.

Made in Scotland contemporary Sculpture
Cliffs at cummingston, Sand stone



Inspired by the cliffs at Cummingston, on the Moray Coast where I learned to climb. The rock here is sandstone and has amazing formations due to the erosion. This also makes climbing a unique experience.


This inspiration led me to air chasing, which is a very organic type of fold forming. The plasticityof the metal pushes it to its workable limits. This organic technique seemingly contrary to how metal should behave, similar to the contradictions and amazing feats within the natural world.

Silversmith marks, contemporary silversmith

The hallmarks for this silver bowl are hidden in the pockets. This is a wee nod to the silverfish and spiders that live in the

pockets on the cliffs.

Any one who has even seen them will remember them, often getting a fright as something crawls over your hand as you're holding on for dear life.

Collection: DICHOTOMY.


waterfall and rock in the middle of a gorge in invermark valley

My work is like the dichotomy of a seemingly soft river being able to cut and polish the hard rock faces of a gorge.

The pieces in this collection are created using traditional making techniques common to the materials; this includes fire, extreme heat, force, breaking and bending, cutting and layers.

bespoke silver jewellery decorative glass

The use of the glass and metal in tandem but in contrasting roles of smooth and textured, illustrates the universal contradiction that is seen in nature.

Brodie practicing her raising contemporary silversmith



The art of making and creating no matter what it is, brings fulfilment and a sense of accomplishment.


This is also true of learning.


I make to learn and I learn to make.


The pieces in this collection are an accumulation of both my journey as a maker and as a testament to my making process.

Scottish Glass art kilnformed glass for the home

At times this journey can be maverick and unscripted but is generally fun as I work towards a resolution, working with materials in a different way or using different techniques to add new skills to my repertoire.