Handmade signature homeware- made by a scottish sliversmith


Scottish glass maker & contemporary silversmith.

“For me, the process of creating helps me find stillness and balance. There’s total focus when nothing else matters.

Whatever else happens in life, I come back to my workspace and as soon as I start making, I feel restored.”

contemporary silver luxury homeware niche homeware contemporary silver

Sculptural and functional silverware.

The mindful practice of creating is stillness that immerses your attention. We find this same stillness in open spaces, exposed

to the elements.


Brodie out and about in the Grey corries at Fortwilliam


“Designs are inspired by the places that I have been, aspects of those places that consistently catch my eye.

The memory of standing on the rock feeling the cold wind and flecks of sea water on my face and the smell of the sea and  seaweed.” 

Brodie's background in the outdoors led her to heightened appreciation of self-care.

Taking a step back from instructing outdoor activities to enjoy the activities for herself, the mediative process perfectly aligned with her love for time in her workshop.

sculptural glass contemporary glass work Nature inspired

Mental health advocate.


“By making something, you are forced to stop overthinking, keeping you in the moment. Dealing with the task in front of you means total concentration.

When asked what the act of creating means to me, the first word I thought was ‘breath.’

It’s calming but it also makes me energised.

When I found my inspiration, I wanted to share that with others in the hope that either they would see my work and it would resonate with them and potentially bring them some comfort, or inspiration to visit the areas that I have been inspired by.”

Invermark Valley Natures beauty

Brodie looks to run her own workshops and retreats in the near future, where others can work with their hands in an environment that is surrounded by natural inspiration.

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Contemporary British silversmith.

Since furthering her technical education in one of the country’s most prestigious silversmithing environments, the Bishopsland Trust, Brodie creates bespoke designs in jewellery and silverware.


These unique pieces are informed by her experiences in nature and the making process, pushing the malleable properties of metal which can be uncompromising to reflect the same features found in nature.

"I want my work to be some way for people to engage physically with the world, either by tactile interaction or through a desire to be outdoors."

Brodie in the workshop getting ready to create some contemporary silver
professional jewellery contemporary silver scottish maker

Brodie’s books open from August 2021 for bespoke commissions, however her collection pieces are available to purchase today.



2019 – 2020     Postgraduate Professional Development, Bishopsland Educational Trust

2014 – 2019     Three-Dimensional Design at Gray's School of Art Robert Gordons University

2013 – 2014     Portfolio Preparation, Cardonald College


2016- Present     Evening Class Tutor at Grays School of Art



2020     Chasing & Repousse with Rod Kelly 

2020     Basic Engraving with Miriam Hanid 

2020     Enamelling with Sheila McDonald 

2020     Raising with Ndidi Ekubia 

2019     Box Making with Angela Cork

2017     Basic Silversmithing with Beverly Hutton-Moore

2017     Basic Blacksmithing with John Bellamy

2014-2019     Three-Dimensional Design at Gray's School of Art, Robert Gordons University



2020     Goldsmiths Centre Precious Metal Fund

2019     Chiltern Hills Art Society Runner Up

2019     Barns Graham trust award


2017     Carrum Trust award