Updated: Aug 23, 2019

My big block with making the base has been that I want to vary the heights of the glass to try and emulate how gorge pools flow into one another.

I ran out of time to do this effectively and my lecturer asked why it was necessary that there be height to indicate flow, I was very unsure about this and when I went home and told my husband he says, 'That makes sense, you haven't made pools you've made pretty glass bricks, why not look at them like they are rocks if you're so set on this river theme'

and so...

made 10 % scale models of glass components and played with the arrangements

Took these arrangements and then made shapes round about them

Cut out the shapes and played with different options

chose the favourites then narrowed it further from there

Final chosen shapes were adapted further to create two options.

...I chose the right option because the separate components were smaller and also had no sharp bits, which for me was more in keeping with the rest of the work.

Creating a scale template


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