Updated: Aug 23, 2019

Shapes developed from drawing sketchbook down to final shapes used for the final dams

Played with sizings and chosen sizes cut in cardboard

Number of chosen shapes reduced further to final shape choices based on personal aesthetic

Playing with different depths of shape to work out what the glass melt depths will be.

Circumferences and volumes worked out

Hardwood formers made to help shape the metal

Formers are 100mm widest as dams will be 80mm to allow for flexibility with melt sizes

Metal is 0.9mm Stainless steel. Using a 'metal bender' to help form the necessary curves. used a spare piece for practicing before starting on the final shape

Welding practice done before attempting on final piece

because metal is so thin, there is a lot of work due to the heat, and very easy to burn through

Dam ready for casting

Next stage of dam making is dividing the other dams up to make it easier to bend them as all the other shapes are a wee bit more complicated.


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