FINAL CAST part 2 prep

Updated: Aug 23, 2019

Prepping second layering

Mould had to be cleaned which involves hammering off the glass fused to the moulds, scrubbing off the fire scale and removing anything that can possibly fall into the glass.

Fibre paper and kiln paper then cut to specifications and moulds lined

Due to the firing process, the fibre paper shrinks slightly which means that it is slightly tricky to get the cast back into the mould with the fibre paper, and because of the clean up process, dams are slightly distorted so means that the glass doesn't quite fit the shape.

Shapes broken up to fit into mould- also useful because it allows the glass to help hold the fibre paper to the wall of the dam

As there was some over flow with the first cast I am putting some of the clear glass into the mould to try and minimise the chance of that happening.

Pieces layered up as normal


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