FINAL CASTS part 2 results

Updated: Aug 23, 2019

Kiln opened and casts removed!

Pictures of the kiln during opening

There was some glass round the outside but with the way that it had melted together, it appears to have fallen off pre-melt staging.

For some reason despite the fact the melt time was longer and there was less glass to fall through, there was some stalks of glass still in the middle of melting.

The additional mix ratio of clear to colour has meant the colour mix and visible depth is much better.

These pictures are with the sunlight coming from behind the glass.

defused light coming from behind the piece with a torch shining in from the top side. The illumination from the torch up against the side of the piece is negligible.

Light shining on the surface of the piece with no light underneath. Really please with the way the pieces interact with different types of light.

Next stage is to sand and polish these pieces.


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