Updated: Aug 23, 2019

Temperature tests

Sanding the glass roughly. No higher than grit 220 to see what happens.

First temperature test is at 680

There is a lot of marks left on the glass but it is starting to gloss up

Next temperature is 710 degrees

Sanded more methodically for this test and used the pads going from 80 (black) up to 1200 (blue)

Also sanded the top using 600 (white) at one corner and 1200 (blue) at the other

There is slight cloudiness at the 80/120 end of the side but this is a good temperature for finals

Last test- 810 degrees C with the linisher sanded sides

Top sanded to 330 grit as it lower than any of the grits used for the surfaces of the final pieces

top is sanded with the supposed 80 grit bottom is the 220 grit and the thinner courser line in the middle is the fresh 120 belt

There is score lines along the edges, but at the '80' and 220 its almost unnoticeable

Top has polished clear, but there is a REALLY interesting effect that I think is to do with the subtle differences in melting temperatures of the different colours of glass.

A side effect of fire polishing as it is melting the glass polished, is that the base takes on the texture of its shelf. can be fixed by sanding it again


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