Updated: Dec 4, 2018

Glass casting tests, seeing what the tension is like with the copper fully incased.

Copper fused fully into glass using glass offcuts from previous projects (hence the colours)
copper glass cast

Used offcuts of glass from other projects so I am aware the colour complicates things a bit. However what you can see is that the copper is fused in the glass and there appears to be no tension. BUT the copper is giving off a gas, which is down to partly the copper, but also could be due to the cleanliness of the copper.

What you will also notice is the glass is quite cloudy from the mould. This is the nature of the process, and will take a lot of cleaning up. It might also limit my casting shape - as in the more complicated the shape the more cleanup.

To that effect I am going to look into other methods that will create the effect I am wanting while combining the glass and metal.

I do like how the bright copper peaks out of the glass though


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