Updated: Aug 23, 2019

The art of repeatedly banging your head off a brick wall...#redundant

The original vision for these pieces was for them to hang in a group, but not be connected, so they were displayed as one thing but were independent pieces

This changed for practicality of trying to safely hang glass so the solution was - a way to lift the glass off the ground and make it a pool you could look into with the tactile metal work round it and beneath it creating shapes through the glass can just bee seen

The problems with this became apparent with the odd shapes of the finals and the size and height they were to be displayed at made designing an effective metal component quite difficult.

I tried playing with lots of tubes cut out under the glass using CAD to help visualise the pieces but as the heigh variation came in to play this idea became unsuitable

Next I tried to emulate more the original test but used paper straws and wire to get the height and thickness right.

Using the inside of the shape to create a spiral that could then get folded in different ways to support the glass

Lined the paper spiral with wire to make it keep its shape, played with the rim height and different ways to make the shape reach the required height. Did not work

Started looking at paper straws with wire inside to represent using rod metal with the metal rim, these are what came from it and whether its just because its in paper and not keeping its shape the way I want or what, I really didn't think it worked.

So went back to basics and had a think about what I wanted from this work, what was necessary for the overall concept, and what wasn't.

At that point I decided that it was to be one object rather than having the option to be separate objects, and then was trying to make the decision about hanging (again) or standing

I played about with different formation and angle etc

After this playing I've settled on a reverse arrangement from what I'd been looking at originally

Next was playing with this formation and adapting it for hanging or standing and making a decision from there.

Having worked out my time scale and seen how much work the sanding of the glass will take my planned displays were not going to be doable in the time frame, so went back to looking at a table top display and played with playing with a different way to make a rim that also functioned as the stand.

At the heights I am looking at it makes the work seem more like space jellyfish that organic flowing Scottish highland inspired sculptures.

So back to the drawing board for the next plan


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