Updated: Aug 23, 2019

The next issue was how to get light under the pieces, when the pieces were to hang etc or stand light boxes weren't appropriate as they wouldn't have been powerful enough to illuminate the glass from a distance.

Now that the glass is flat on a surface the light boxes are the best solution.

I decided to use the Dams to make the light boxes as they were roughly the right shape, slightly bigger than the glass and made from stainless steel which would be strong enough to hold up the metal and the glass.

First off the Dams needed a bit of a cleanup after the kiln, I tried grinding it off, but it took a long time and wasn't very neat. so was advised to sandblast instead

pre sandblasting

Post sandblasting

Light boxes made with plywood bases, opal acrylic and the stainless steel dams used to shape the glass. LED strips were used to line the boxes.


#mountkeen #lightboxes #repurposing

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