Updated: Aug 23, 2019

After getting the sizing right for the holes, file was sent to a company for waterjet cutting, I went with a silver coloured metal rather than the copper because there was no need to solder anything together, and the copper was quite samey with the oranges and browns in the glass. I looked at either 6mm aluminium or 2mm Stainless steel. Initially i thought I would hammer some texture round the glass to make it look like the metal was rippling away from the glass. So Aluminium being softer was a better choice, however looking at the finished glass I felt that the thinner stainless steel was better

Metal came back and sizing was right (phew)

Tried cleaning up the metal before moving everything to the exhibition space, but came to the conclusion that as I would have to clean it up again anyway so I may as well clean it up at the space

Wiring for shapes put in through the base of the plinth

Toyed with the idea of using a different colour on the top of the plinth but after asking other people's opinions, only one other person agreed that it made much of a difference, so left the plinth white.


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