Sinking in order to raise!

Not my first time playing with this process, but certainly the first time I have really thought about what I am trying to do.

Blocking/sinking and raising are all ways to make a flat sheet into a 3d shape.

Blocking is hitting the metal into a block of wood. Sinking is also the same but there are some differences (I have been told) Ultimately they both involve hitting the metal and an angle from the edge to the centre.

Raising on the other hand involves the use of a stake where you put the metal over the stake at an angle (the negative space between the stake and the metal is the desired angle you wish to achieve) and you hit from the centre out.

VERY IMPORTANT- remember where your centre is!!!

This beautiful flat circle became.......

This cute but mild misshapen cup...(Guess who lost the centre)

Process gallery from start to finish (missing out a fair few steps unfortunately)

All in all Very please with this first attempt at moving the metal in a specific way.


#silversmithing #raising #blocking #metalwork #handmaking #hammering #copper

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