Updated: Aug 23, 2019

Small test piece to see if what I'm planning will work

Glass has been melted in a mould using thin fibre paper to shield the glass from the metal mould. The colours used are a rough representation of some of the colours that may feature in the final pieces. Fibre paper was also laid under the piece of glass during firing to pick up subtle shapes (in this case slight corners) to see the effect. A rim of copper has been made using acid etching to reflect the striations of the rocks from the area and then sanded and polished with the aim of seeing if the copper and glass compliment each other.

In conclusion I think that the copper and glass work very well together. This means the next stages of material testing are:

- finding the colours that match closely to my intended colour schemes.

- Testing out acid etching for different levels of etch and patterns

-Making wire mesh patterns for the wire melts to test different results with the glass melting through

-Trying out other ways of creating texture on the metal rim

-Making some kiln carved tests of varying depths and sizes.


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