Updated: Aug 23, 2019

Cutting out the rest of the shapes

Video contains all the different cuts

Molten metal welded the edges slightly but when grinding the raised parts away it released the shape from the sheet. During the cutting I didn't see one of the offcuts sticking up and the sheet was shifted as the nozzle moved

Shape came out well, but realised that the drop spaces come right to the edge of the dam. will test it and see if it needs to be re-cut or adapted

Size of shape has meant there is minor warping across the plate. Will see if this causes issues during the casting test.

This shape came out really well

Again an off-cut that I hadn't seen caught the nozzle but instead of the metal moving, it caused the nozzle to shift slightly. This happened during the third shape which then meant the rest were off and the outline also is off. Will test it with the glass and see if it is useable. If not it will need re-cut.


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