Updated: Aug 23, 2019

Taking wire melt shapes from drawing sketchbook to initial testing

Shapes taken from charcoal drawings, rearranged and simplified

Preferred shapes chosen out of all the developments

mild steel test plate created to check sizing and see approximate material loss during cut.

Liked the sizing in comparison to the cardboard size plates so made one from 5 of the variation groups.

Shapes chosen as most intricate from each variation- if these work, the others will work. Shapes cut in 0.9 mm stainless steel

Test shapes 200mm across, due to nature of shapes, plasma put its self out during the cutting so had to drill along the seams to create a perforation on some of them. Stencilled out the kiln paper and measured out the glass

In hindsight this was never going to work- metal was bendable cold. it was loaded and then put under heat. and to top of the lack of planning it was only supported at key points. the ONLY result that could have come from this test is the one I got. How ever, some interesting results to revisit at a later date.


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