These are unique clasp bangles that rely on the inherent tension in the metal to keep them closed. These pieces are completely one of a kind, varying in glass stone size and composition as well as band shape and texture. They are a study of contradiction from the chaos inside the layered glass to the colour contrast of the glass and the metal to the smooth vs tactile finish of the stone and setting.


Dichotic Clasp Bangle 2

  • Clasp opening: 37mm

    Widest point :73mm

  • Glass - Each stone is a combination of multiple glass tiles individually crafted. Then fused together sometimes through multiple firings. Each stone is unique in its shape because glass likes to sit at 6mm thick; that is its surface tension so it stops pulling in its edges once it gets to that thickness.

    Silver - Bezels have been made from recycled sterling silver, rolled down to 0.4 mm and shaped to fit the stone. After which it is then soldered to a base plate, forming the setting. The main body of the bangle is then created through hammering and shaping and clasp loops attached to the back of setting, where one end of the bangle body is curved round and soldered creating a complete piece. The bangle is then work hardened to give it the tension it needs to function.

    All silver used has been hallmarked with Brodie B Designs unique maker's mark along with the other marks required.