This award winning deliciously tactile sweetie bowl is the perfect size for holding those special treats that sit in the lounge. It is a beautifully asymmetrical shallow bowl. Inspired by the cliffs of Cummingston on the Moray coast, contrasting the smooth shape of the bowl with the tactile contours of airchasing.

Coastal Erosion Bowl

  • The intial shape of the bowl was blocked and raised and then folded in half and clamped in a vice to create an air pocket. The sides of which were then work hardened and the air chasing developed from there.

    Once both sides had been chased, the shape was opened up and inverted so the chasing could be seen on the inside. The smooth surfaces were then planished and cleaned up.

    Finally a base ring was rolled to size, formed and then shaped to fit the organic base.

    Made from Brittania silver. 

    All silver used has been hallmarked with Brodie B Designs unique maker's mark along with the other marks required. 

  • Height: 50mm

    Breadth: 160mm

    Depth: 160mm