These bangles are textured using a hammer whose main purpose is to hit punches. Every time it's used for punches the face of the hammer changes slightly. This means that every single bangle is subtly different and inherits its beauty from the history of the hammer face. This contrasts beautifully with the smooth colour of glass cabochon

Dichotic Bangle

Glass stone
  • Please note:

    As all glass stones are hand cut and fused they differ slightly in size and shape

    Also as each bangle is hand textured the texture and pattern will vary

  • Glass - The glass cabochons have been produced relying on surface tension to pull in the sharp corners to create a soft round shape. This is done by cutting small triangles from a sheet of chosen glass and firing to 815 degrees Celsius

    Silver - Bezels have been made from recycled sterling silver, rolled down to 0.4 mm and shaped to fit the cabochon. After which, it is then soldered to a base plate which has been previously textured to match the bangle. Once this is cleaned up it is attached to two jump ring and soldered again. Once the setting has been cleaned up it is polished and the glass is set.

    The Bangle wire is then cut to required dimensions, the setting threaded on and then soldered. After clean up, it is then textured and polished.

    All silver used has been hallmarked with Brodie B Designs unique maker's mark along with the other marks required.