This bright display piece reminiscent of gumdrops is perfect for housing all your wonderful sweets and treats. The ‘drops’ are both flush and proud on the outside of the bowl adding a wonderful tactile component to this interesting piece

Gum Drop Sweetie Bowl

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  • Height: 125mm

    Width : 160mm

    Breadth: 200mm

    Weight: 691g

  • The round glass ‘dots’ have been produced relying on surface tension to pull in the sharp corners to create a soft round shape. This is done by cutting small triangles from a sheet of chosen glass and firing to 815 degrees Celsius

    A portion of them have then been specifically placed on the main tile in a radial pattern from the center and fused flush. The piece has then undergone a second firing at a lower temperature with the additional beads, allowing them to fuse, but stay proud. Once complete the tile was then slumped using the help of a mould.