Keep. It. Simple.


Part of the Brodie B Designs ethos is the belief that working with our hands and engaging with objects in a tactile way is essential to our mental health and well-being.

This piece was about using the techniques of raising, forging and planishing to a high standard to create a tactile and functional object with clean lines and minimal decoration. This jug is a perfect addition to any table.

K. I. S. Jug

  • The body was formed from a flat sheet by the methods of blocking and raising. It was then planished to give an even smooth form and the spout was created around a custom made stake.

    The handle was then forged to shape from a rod of silver and shaped to fit the curve of the jug. After which it was soldered together and the edge burnished. 

    All silver used has been hallmarked with Brodie B Designs unique maker's mark along with the other marks required.

  • Height: 90mm

    Breadth: 90mm

    Depth: 120mm