Inspired by the intricate rocks and textures found on the coast, based on research done specifically at the beaches near Kilberry village on the west coast of Scotland. These bold accessories are a stunning highlight to any outfit.


These statement bangles are available in both anticlastic (curving away from the wearer and synclastic (curving towards the wearer).


Kilberry Bangle

  • Each bangle is formed to shape from flat sheet metal, chased  then hand pierced and burnished before texturing and finally polishing.

    All silver used has been hallmarked with Brodie B Designs unique maker's mark along with the other marks required.

  • Synclastic Bangle :      Anticlastic Bangle:

    Height: 28 mm              Height: 28mm

    Breadth: 75mm            Breadth: 80mm

    Depth: 75mm                Depth: 80mm

    With curved bangles treat ones that curve away i.e.  the edges are touching the skin (synclastic) as "wide bands" and treat bangles that curve in i.e the center of the bangle is touching the skin (anticlastic) as "thin bangles"