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Bangle info


With fully closed bangles you need to consider the ratio between your hand and your wrist. A way to measure for a bangle is to cut a strip of paper to the correct size (circumference) of the bangle you wish to purchase and tape closed. Then try and put it on. As with rings, the thicker the width of the bangle the larger the size you will need so try to make the strip of paper as comparable as possible. 

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Round bangle sizing

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Oval Bangle sizing

If you have a larger hand and thinner wrist and find that you feel round bangles look too big when resting, Oval bangles might be the way to go or alternatively Clasp bangle.

At Brodie B Designs there are a selection of bangles that have an opening that will allow you to slide onto the wrist and click shut. Their dimensions are given in each bangle’s description

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Chain sizing for pendants

Brodie B Designs pendants are generally hung on 18” chains which sits just below the collar bone. Ofcourse if customers prefer a different length of chain Brodie B Designs is happy to accommodate a choice.

A good way to measure for necklace size is to take a tape measure or a pieces of string and with one hand hold the 'join' at the back of your neck while using the other hand to gently draw down the middle of the loop created to simulate the pendant. Then mark on the string where the 'join' is and measure that length or note on the tape measure the length. As a piece of string is more comparable with a length of chain Brodie B Designs advises using that method to measure necklace size

Most chains are available in 16", 18" and 20"

Ring sizing

Ring sizing can appear to be tricky and Brodie B Designs always recommends visiting your local high street jeweller, who will be able to measure your finger size for you. 

In the UK, ring sizes are measured alphabetically. In the corresponding chart you will see diameter and circumference and the corresponding measurements. 

What you are aiming for when checking your ring size:

Where possible use sizers that are the same width as the ring you intend to order. This is because thicker bands have more contact with finger so need to be slightly larger to accommodate. The descrepancy will generally alter up to a quarter of a size. Stacker rings also come under the category of wider band.

You are aiming for the ring to go on without struggle, but to need a wee twist for it to come off.

> You want your hands to be at 'normal' temperature as when our hand heat up they can swell and when they cool down they can shrink. This happens through out the course of a day for most people.

All rings made by Brodie B are made to UK ring sizes, this system is also known as 'Wheatsheaf'. We measure the rings using the leading edge, that means the first part of the ring to hit the Wheatsheaf ring stick. Please make sure when getting your ring sized measured  to ask for the leading -edge measurement.